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Saudi Irrigation Organization (the Authority) provides access to all service pages on its website (, referred to as the "website" or "Alrai platform" or "Recruitment portal" or "Administrative Communication Services," for all visitors (the "visitors" or "visitor").

User Agreement:

This document applies to users of the Authority's website, and the services available on the website may be subject to independent terms and conditions according to the service.

Accessing the website constitutes unconditional agreement by the visitor to comply with the privacy and confidentiality policy in this document, relating to the collection of information and personal data provided by visitors, their use, disclosure, and protection in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please refrain from using the website, as continued use constitutes agreement to the safe use and privacy policy in this document. In case of non-compliance with the terms of this policy, appropriate actions and penalties will be taken as stated in the regulations and laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Despite the continuous efforts of the Authority to verify the accuracy and update of the information available on this website, it should be noted that the Authority does not provide any express or general warranty regarding the accuracy and comprehensiveness of such information or its updates. Furthermore, it should be understood that the Authority is not explicitly responsible for any damages that may arise in any form as a result of using or referring to this website or relying on any information published on the website. We would also like to emphasize that the information contained in the web pages of Saudi Irrigation Organization website is general information for awareness and guidance purposes and does not contain any explicit or implicit decisions or guarantees. These data or information cannot be used for any purpose other than general use.

Property Rights:

The copyright, information, materials, and all intellectual property rights available on the website and its service pages are assets owned by the Authority or other entities affiliated or dealing with the Authority. It is strictly prohibited to copy, publish, or use them in a way that contradicts what they have been published for, or to exploit them for personal purposes without prior written permission from the Authority. In the case of written approval from the Authority, it is mandatory to acknowledge the Authority as the source of this information during use.

External Website Links:

For the purpose of assisting visitors, the website provides links to external websites managed by other entities that may provide some services and information that visitors may need, without any responsibility on the part of the Authority for those websites, their privacy and confidentiality policy, their performance, or their overall impact. We advise visitors to review the safe use and privacy policy of any of these websites before using them.


In order to help protect personal information and ensure the visitor's safety, we recommend the following:

- Immediately contact the website's customer service if the visitor suspects that someone or some entity has accessed their personal information or any confidential information they provided or obtained from the website.

- Never disclose any confidential information over the phone or the internet unless the identity of the person or the receiving party is verified.

- Use a secure browser when conducting transactions online, close unused applications, and ensure that antivirus software is effective and up-to-date.

- If there are any inquiries or opinions about the safe use and privacy policy, you can contact the website's administration through the contact channels indicated on the "Contact Us" page.

Privacy Policy for Mobile Applications (Alrai App):

Data Sharing: The application restricts the collection of personal and sensitive user data to only what is necessary, such as names, ID numbers, and mobile numbers. It does not share, publish, or disclose this information to third parties.

Secure Storage and Usage: The Alrai App securely stores and uses personal and sensitive user data, encrypting and protecting it.

Contact for Data Collection: The application was developed internally, and users can inquire about data collection through the "Contact Us" page.

This privacy policy demonstrates a commitment to safeguarding user data and ensuring its secure handling within the mobile application.

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